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This year’s Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) Business of Brtides Annual Conference is in Baltimore. The conference includes a trade show, 15 breakout sessions in which we get to pick 5 sessions to take, two keynote speakers, great food and some new decor tips.

This trip Jackie and myself took a road trip to get here. We made sure to have a day to explore Baltimore which incluced visites to Edgar Allen Poe’s home and gravesite, Charmed City Cakes and Anabel Lee Tavern (decked out in Poe decor, quote’s and even Martini’s in Poe poem names). Day two we were able to spend in our national’s capital and pack in as much as we possibly could.

The conference is being held at the Tremont Plaza Grand, Baltimore, Maryland. It’s has an “old world glamour” to it with even an award winning bathroom (and yes they are proud of this). We’ll be sure to share some of our exciting experiences on this trip.

Association of Bridal Consultants Conference Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore at night


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Mackenna, our event designer, brought out her event design abilities in her wedding. The wedding colors were black and white damask with a touch of blush. Table linens included black floor length tablecovers, with black and white damask overlays. Chair covers where white with a black satin sash tied in a rose bow. The tables had alternating centerpieces of black candlabra’s in a white medallian of damask design and black eiffel tower vases with rose balls that included white and blush hydrangeas with hanging crystals.

The wedding ceremony and reception were held at Heston Hills Banquests in Laporte, Indiana. Uplighting was Amber along the walls and pink on the fabric treatment.

Black White Damask Wedding Reception with Uplighting and fabric

Black and white wedding cake northwest indiana
black and white damask wedding overlay with black candlabra indiana wedding planning
black and white damask with eiffel tower vase centerpieces with hydrangeas and crystals

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The summer wedding season is almost here and we are now accepting Summer Intern Appllcations.

Internship Details:

Interns will assist in pre-planning and prep for weddings.  They will work all of the wedding day which can include help with any set up and take down as needed, verification of vendor and bridal party arrival, timelines, helping with any problems that arise etc.

We are looking for students pursuing a degree in a related field and would like to learn more about the event planning field. Student should be friendly, professional, motivated, always on time, and calm under pressure. Student must be available on weekends (most events are Saturdays but there are some Friday and Sunday events) and at least one other day during the week (days are flexable).

What the student/intern gets out of this is experience in the event planning field while working with an experience event planner. Depending on the college and your specific degree requirements this may count as college credit. The internship will give you experience in working on real events, real clients, professional vendors and being quick to fix unexpected problems. Contact us for specific details on payment.

If this is something you are interested in, please e-mail us a cover letter and resume to cpage@devotedweddings.com.

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The Post-Tribune interviewed and came in to photograph Mackenna. Unfortunely they got a photos of me too and I look like crap. Had I realized I would be in the photos I would have dressed up a little nicer and did my hair. Oh well! Be sure to read the article below.

 New graduates use creativity, wait for jobs

June 15, 2009

Photo by the Post-TribuneValparaiso University graduate Mackenna Schon and Christina Page, event planner at Christina’s Creative Planning go over wedding photos at the Merrillville-based business. Schon is interning at the business. (Leslie Adkins/Post-Tribune)

A college degree might take you far — but the first step on that journey is a tough one for graduates this year. “It’s not a good job market for ’09 grads at all,” Mackenna Schon, a May graduate of Valparaiso University in public relations, said.

“In fact, it’s horrible. I know some people, maybe one or two, who got full-time jobs at PR agencies. But most are either living back at home with their parents or working at a restaurant or in fast-food — doing anything they can to make ends meet.”

Schon is doing just that, working an internship and sales job for a Merrillville event planner, plus a part-time job at J.C. Penney.

The number of people using the career center at Indiana University Northwest see the trend. For 2008, the IUN career center logged about 300 people using its services, said Sharese Dudley, IUN’s director of career services. From January of this year through May, more than 500 have already sought help.

“We have had some who have come to our office and said they’re not finding any employment and they’re going back to school and working for their master’s degree or some other higher level of education,” Dudley said. “Some are taking part-time jobs, and others decided to take a job in retail to help compensate for money they’ve lost. But most are still applying for jobs, trying to get a full-time salaried position.”

Schon lives with her boyfriend, who has a full-time job in insurance. She said he graduated a year before her and needed two years of intern work there to procure it. They share expenses and live in a Valparaiso apartment. To her, that’s better than the alternative of moving home to Gurnee, Ill.

“A lot of people I know had all this independence at college and now they’re living at home again,” she said.

Like many college grads, Schon also will have student loan bills due in a few months. Her balance isn’t nearly as high as some VU grads, she said, but the amount she owes is still unsettling.

Schon, though, is one of the lucky ones. She also was proactive in her search for jobs and internships. Rather than going on spring break, she stayed home and started her search. The day after VU’s graduation, she started working at J.C. Penney. And after deciding an internship in South Bend wasn’t for her, she hooked up with Christina’s Creative Planning.

From the start, Schon has worked on building a network of contacts — which helped turn up job leads. She also worked the phones to get interviews.

“It is a tough job market, but it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost,” said Shelly Robinson, Purdue University Calumet’s career services director. “It just means that students have to be more creative with their job searches. They need to start tailoring their resumes to meet certain job skills, doing more networking and other things they may not have had to do in the past.”

That’s the advice she gave to recent PUC grad DeLoris Clay, who earned a degree in business management with a concentration in human resources. Clay, who’s in her mid-40s and lives in Harvey, Ill., returned to school just before she was laid off. She had been an administrative assistant and executive coordinator for a large Chicago accounting firm.

She’s had some interviews and has even declined an offer. One of the places Clay interviewed wanted to hire her but couldn’t afford to bring her on full-time. That’s how she started working as an independent contractor.

“My advice is just to never stop doing something,” Clay said. “Keep doing something productive in whatever it is you want to do. Even if you take something not in your line of expertise or where you want to be, you may get to a company and that opportunity may open up. You never know.”

Another tip is to widen the net, said Tom Kass, director of VU’s career center.

“What (graduating) students need to do is look more broadly and consider other options they maybe hadn’t before,” Kass said. “Consider other locations, for example. Students also need to be persistent, do a lot of networking and not get discouraged. Easier said than done, I realize, but it’s not easy.”

He said that most recent college grads can bank on a job search lasting “at least” three to five months from the time they start looking. And while continuing their education to “wait out” the job market might seem like a viable option, Kass said there are some precautions to consider.

“Don’t do it just to do it, or to avoid looking for work to wait things out — particularly if you don’t know what you want to do,” he said. “It will probably take a couple of years, and you could spend more money and really not have any more direction in what you want to do.”

For many, he said, it’s best to just test the market. Some fields — such as engineering, computers and health care — are hiring more than others. There’s also the internship route — paid or unpaid. That might be a bitter pill to swallow, but in this job market it’s a reality.

“You graduate with these big, rose-colored glasses,” Schon said. “You’ve got a degree, you’ve worked on an internship or two, you’re familiar with all the social media and new technology and you’re ready to get out there and get going. But then, when you do, there’s nothing but an unpaid internship. You just have to do what you can with it and see what happens.”

Comment on this story at http://www.post- trib.com.

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Welcome Mackenna!

Welcome to our newest staff member, Mackenna. She will be primarily working on sales and marketing for the directory, but she will also be working in our wedding design deparment.

Mackenna & Christina

Photo by Timeless Images: www.tiphotos.com

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Congratulations on graduating! We want to wish you the best of luck in your future endevors! Thanks for all your help!

Jana interned with us for this spring semester. If you went to any of this springs bridal shows you probably saw her at one of our booths. She did a fantastic job and we are going to miss her. We are excited that she will probably be back to help with some of this summers projects.  


Photo by Timeless Images: www.tiphotos.com

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A Little About Us

We are excited about our new blog. We will be adding the past blogs from myspace for this year. Be sure to check back regularly to find out what exciting things we are doing or working on.

A little about us. We are an event planning company that will help you with as little or as much as you want for your event. Our packages are customized to your specific requests.

Wedding consultants are a vital part of your wedding. We will help keep you within your budget, and perhaps save you costly mistakes, in essence saving you precious time. Many bridal couples and their families do not have time for the detailed planning and work that a beautiful wedding deserves! Our priority is to help make your dreams reality.


Additional services we provide, with or without coordinating services:

*Invitations, accesories, favors, linens and even eco-friendly accessories and favors for every style event.
*Help with decorative ides for your unique wedding as well as offering customized centerpiece rentals.
*Planning pre-wedding parties such as engagement parites, showers, and bachelor/bachelorette parties
*Booking your honeymoon get-away


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